In our present life style, we undergo high stress which is the major cause for many diseases. Since, stress and strain can adversely affect every aspect of one’s life, it is highly imperative to restore, regain and retain the balance through Ayurveda. Which addresses the total aspects of life.

The best possible way is to resort to Ayurveda & Yoga as they treat you internally as well as externally.The Stress Management program at Govardhan Eco Village is framed as four compartments for your priority.

The economy package options are as follows:

  • 12 Days: ₹ 43,793
  • 16 Days: ₹ 58,391
  • 23 Days: ₹ 83,936
  • 30 Days: ₹ 1,09,482

**The above cost is for Economy Package. For upgraded packages please refer to the contact form below.

The treatments may include:

Abhyanga, Shiromardhanam (Head massage), Swedana (steam), Podi kizhi, Ela kizhi, Paada Mardhnam (Foot reflexology massage), Thakradhara, Shirodhara, Shirovasthi, Talam, Thalapothichil, Nasyam, and Health Consultation.

* Note: Exact number of treatments may vary according to the length of the package and the individual’s state of health.

Some of the above-mentioned therapies are also offered more than once. The package includes occasional rest days as required between the therapies.

To know more or for booking your Ayurveda Package drop us an email at

12 Days: ₹ 43,79316 Days: ₹ 58,39123 Days: ₹ 83,93630 Days: ₹ 1,09,482
12 Days: ₹ 77,06816 Days: ₹ 1,02,75823 Days: ₹ 1,47,71430 Days: ₹ 1,92,671