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Obesity is the most common nutritional disorder of the modern age. It is characterized by excess accumulation of fat in the body. It is a condition when the BMI (Body Mass Index) of a person lies above 30. Continuous indulgence in high fat, fried foods, along with a sedentary lifestyle results in excessive fat getting blocked in various body channels which can also cause a number of metabolic disturbances such as hypertension, diabetes, irregular digestion etc. It can affect social life too.


Deep, dry massages with herbal powders and pastes (Udwarthanam), synchronized massage with specific oils (Abhyanga), and herbal steam bath helps mobilize the accumulated fat

Appropriate Panchakarma therapies are also administered based on the requirement of the individual

Various asanas of yoga postures for losing extra fat

Walking and regular exercise helps in maintaining good health Overcome stress, if the cause is stress or depression

Proper diet and inculcating conscious eating habits