This includes management of different disease conditions through internal medicines and therapeutic Ayurveda such as Shirodhara, Sirovasti, Nasyam, Pizhichil and Pichu, equilibrium between the doshas is brought back. The aim of the program is to treat the disabilities by following strict and healthy diet chart and healing supplements. Yoga and meditation further help system to revitalise and heal. The treatment, Ayurvedic investigation and diagnostics provide an invaluable and accurate outcome for all system related ailments giving you potent relief.

Treatments- Shiro abhyangam (Medicated oil head massage), Abhyangam (body massage), ELA KIzhi (patrapotalipindasweda) podikizhi, dhaanyaamlakizhi, Medicated steam bath, pizhichil, shaashtika pinda sweda, kati vasthy, nasya, pichu ,lepam, dhaara, etc. according to condition of patient and internal administration of Ayurvedic herbal preparations. ACCORDING TO DOCTORS ADVICE AFTER CONSULTATION

The economy package options are as follows:

  • 12 Days: ₹ 57,911
  • 16 Days: ₹ 77,214
  • 23 Days: ₹ 1,10,995
  • 30 Days: ₹ 1,44,776

The above cost is for economy package. For upgraded packages please refer to the contact form below.

Kindly note that the treatment charges and duration may differ for every patient depending on their medical condition which is determined after doctor’s consultation.

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12 Days: ₹ 57,91116 Days: ₹ 77,21423 Days: ₹ 1,10,99530 Days: ₹ 1,44,776
12 Days: ₹ 91,18616 Days: ₹ 1,21,58123 Days: ₹ 1,74,77330 Days: ₹ 2,27,965