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Water Resource Development

Stabilizing rural communities by addressing water scarcity for drinking and irrigation

A three pronged approach for water resource development includes community owned lift irrigation systems for perennial irrigation facility, drinking water facilities and water resource conservation through check dams and restoring community wells and ponds.

Providing access to water resources for tribal folks for their drinking and agricultural needs is the driving force for our Water Resource Development initiative.

A large section of project area of GRDP water resource programmeme falls in the rural village where customized approach for water resource development is required. Need analysis of such villages is done to identify seasonal sources of water such as natural springs that can be used as a resource for continuous water supply to farms for irrigation for more than one crop.

Holistic approach to eradicate water scarcity

Water conservation to ensure optimum utilization of natural resources

Water Resource Development

Educate and train the villagers on water conservation

Our Progress


Individuals benefitted through
Lift Irrigation facility


Individuals benefitted through
Drinking Water facility


Individuals benefitted through
customised irrigation facility

Average Rainfall 2000-2500 mm, but still scarcity of water for Irrigation and Long distance of walking for Women folks for drinking water


Through our Integrated Water Conservation initiatives under Rural Development Programme, we are reaching out to various villages in the Palghar district in order to create an infrastructure that not only conserve water but also ensures it reaches the taps!

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