In the wake of coronavirus outbreak, Maharashtra government has invoked the Epidemic Diseases Act of 1897 to tackle the virus threat. In accordance with the government notification, Govardhan Ecovillage will remain shut till 03rd May, 2020. All seminars, conferences and workshops have been postponed/cancelled until further notice.


Govardhan Ecovillage Goshala is home to 104 beautiful cows, bulls and their calves.

We believe in protecting, honouring and loving cows because they are especially dear to Lord Krishna, they are considered mothers to human society and are an essential part of agriculture and the economy.

Bull Training

Our bulls are trained to plough the fields and to be yoked for carts to transfer stuff in the premises of Govardhan Eco Village. This keeps them active and healthy

Regular Cleaning

Staff at Govardhan Goshala collects the dung at regular intervals. And Goshala is regularly cleaned. Even Cows and bulls are bathed weekly.

Love and Affection

This is the most important aspect of goshala. People are encouraged to spend time with cows and brush them. Thus, cows in Govardhan Goshala are not scared of human presence and they like to be with people. They are treated here like any other member of the society.

Open Grazing

Apart from dry grass, green grass and special diet provided in the evening cows at Govardhan Goshala go for open grazing in the forest at 8 am and come back by 11 am. This keeps them healthy and happy.

Goshala is Spacious

Our goshala has separate areas for cows, bulls, new born calves, sick cows and progenitors. They have enough space to roam, sit, stand or sleep. There are shaded areas as well as open areas where they can be exposed to the sun.

Natural Flooring

Unlike commercial barns we don’t have flooring made of cement or kiln-bricks but natural which is covered with straw which is healthier, natural and safer for cows to walk and run. The straw is changed regularly.

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The importance given to Goshala in ancient India is fading away! We aim to retain the culture and value of animal care through our humble efforts.


The Goshala at Govardhan Eco Village was started in 2003. Beginning with only 9 cows & bulls, the number today has increased to 104 and is expected to reach 150 in the next few years.

One of the unique features at the Govardhan Ecovillage Goshala is the personal attention and care given, with separate special zones allocated for Bulls, Cows, Calves and milking Cows. The health status of each and every cow is noted on a daily basis and is logged for long term monitoring. To ensure proper medical care a veterinary doctor visits the Goshala regularly and is locally available in case of emergency situations.

Apart from providing clean hygienic surroundings, fresh water and ventilation, great care is taken with regards to their diet. Proper nutrition is provided in the form of kadbakutti, corn flour, tuar and wheat bran. Lucerne grass, Yeshwant grass, Paragrass grown at our own farmland provides very good nutrition for our Cows. With 7 people serving the Cows round the clock, it is ensured that all timely requirements are taken care off. Govardhan Ecovillage Goshala provides excellent facilities for Cows and bulls, setting world-class standards in Cow care with rope free zones, fresh water, special calf care and many other practical considerations.

We have three simple donation plans to choose from. The 'Adopt a Cow' plan allows you adopt any one of our cows for their entire lifetime. The second plan is a general donation to help maintain the Goshala and its activities that support the love and care of the cows. And the third offers various options to feed the cows. You can choose to offer a one-time donation or subscribe to a recurring monthly donation.


Your donation will help us to support on-going maintenance expenses such as Goshala repairs, daily wages, website maintenance etc.

Make a one time donation

  • Your donation will be deposited and the interest used to care for the entire life of the cow. This includes fodder and medical expenses
  • Traditionally, people would first feed the cows to observe a special occasion like a birthday, death or marriage anniversary.
Feed all cows for a day
Feed all cows for a day

International Donors