Providing easy access to basic health care as well as treatments of common health issues in the rural areas of Palghar district.

Health care initiative in the rural areas of Palghar has been led by Bhaktivedanta Hospital. Under the auspices of the BhaktiVedanta Hospital, Mira Road, Thane District,four community health care centers have been started at Hamrapur, Vasai, Ambiste and Tarapur. Reaching the unreached with medical services is achieved through mobile medical units which travels to a number of villages with primary health service.

The mobile medical unit is equipped with a qualified doctor, pharmacist, community resource person and a driver.

Offering free & concessional medical treatment to the needy sections of the society

Highlight the importance of regular health check ups to lead a happy and content life.

Educates the rural people on basic hygiene and self care

Tie-up with corporates to sponsor various initiatives under Health care program

Our Progress


Health care outreach
camps in rural areas


Beneficiaries screened for cataract


Senior citizens provided
free health check ups


Free cancer surgeries


Terminally ill patients
offered Palliative care services


School children benefited
through free health check ups

Access to basic health care in some parts of the rural areas are still a major challenge.

Unavailability of general health care has been the culprit for many people in the rural villages to lead a life full of pain! Lack of timely health care has ensured even a minor health issue to become a major hurdle in leading a happy and content life.


Through this initiative , we have successfully reached nearly 60,000 rural patients. Services such as general OPD and IPD are provided. Specialist services for ophthalmology and dentistry are made available to the community at nominal charges. General health check-up camps are also organized for the community and patients are referred to healthcare centers for treatment

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