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We continue to follow the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, and in keeping with Government guidelines, to mitigate the risks associated with the coronavirus.
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Organic Farming is one of the key activities in GEV, around which all the other activities are centered. Food is life! The Vedic system emphasizes how food that we eat is interconnected with our physical being as well as our mental consciousness. Therefore, the purity of the food we eat determines the wellbeing of the society. GEV has a strict policy of 100% chemical free farming there by ensuring the safety of the land, the farmers and the consumers.

A simple way to define sustainability might be the ability of something to maintain itself or preserving resources and energy for long-term. It is about time that we experience a shift in perspective and move from envisioning sustainability only at the economical, technological and environmental level, to also acknowledging the importance of philosophical, psychological, emotional and spiritual plane.

Most of the time we forget that we live in a dual world and the unseen energetic work is always disregarded and ranked second in the top of our daily priorities. Everything is energy and all that comes to be materialized in the physical world has first a strong pattern in the energetic field. In this perspective, our transcendental level of consciousness is the basic field of inner sustainability. We cannot achieve behavioral change without inner transformation as well as our external environment cannot be cleaned unless the inner one is pure.

The number one disease that the world experiences today is depression and this is translated as energetic waste that puts a heavy load in the external reality. The greatest power that we own as human beings is the power of thought and our collective focus has the force to determine the quality of our external surroundings. Everything starts with the individual self. And our personal inner work to create a shift of consciousness and raise our vibration is the first and most important responsibility that each one of us has to contribute to the sustainability of the planet. Increasing our vibration will be directly reflected in our mind and will alter our thoughts, our values and beliefs, will inspire our actions and we will experience life in a different format.

There are so many easy practices to trigger inner transformation, but how can we use them in a sustainable way? We can choose to meditate, do yoga, pray, contemplate nature, or just give ourselves a break during the day to just do nothing and quiet our mind.

Let's explore how inner sustainability can contribute to the external factors of global change.

The first step towards inner transformation is self -awareness of our skills, shortcomings, uniqueness and inner potential. Next comes awareness towards our connection with everything that exists; people, animals, nature, mother earth and the consequences that our actions and behaviors have for the whole existence. The awareness of oneness brings forth a lot of responsibility and compassion and manifests as a natural change coming from within, not forced or imposed from outside. This is called transformation, it is irreversible and the only one that is sustainable for long term.

With awareness we become more sensitive towards the fragility of nature and develop our emotional intelligence quotient. We are emotional beings and the process of socialization forces us to suppress, deny and disown our emotions and they usually leak out in destructive ways towards ourselves and the universe at large. It is an enormous difference between understanding at the intellectual level and really feeling something. Managing our emotions improves our relationships and we act with love towards ourselves, others and the external environment.

Becoming more sensitive develops our gratitude level, we gain the capacity to appreciate all that we are given and treasure small things. The sense of reality is strongly felt and we realize that our everyday choices affect the larger systems. The urge to serve grows in our heart and we desire to engage more in community work. When we realize that we are not only this body and feel our spirit, it becomes easier todetach from the materialistic pattern that creates incredible waste and be happy to live a minimalistic lifestyle.

Through meditation and other inner engineering practices we enhance the purity and simplicity of our nature and sustainability is in tune with the same idea of going back to the roots, to the essence of existence. Eventually it all comes down to love. . Self-love is the seed from which everything grows.

To learn about unconditional love, we only need to observe the earth we walk upon. If we poison the waters and cut down its forests, nature still keeps pouring on us, but the question is: can we be happy with this? To love something is to take it as a part of ourselves, and when we gain the capacity to feel the pain and scream of the Universe and use every action to contribute to global healing, then we know that our inner work is properly done. The universe we live in is a mirror of what is within us, so we don’t need to look outside for the answers, they were with us all along.