In the wake of coronavirus outbreak, Maharashtra government has invoked the Epidemic Diseases Act of 1897 to tackle the virus threat. In accordance with the government notification, Govardhan Ecovillage will remain shut till 03rd May, 2020. All seminars, conferences and workshops have been postponed/cancelled until further notice.

School of Public Health

At Govardhan Ecovillage, we know hard work and doing the right things the right way has paved the path for success. We are humbled by the recognition from well-respected organizations for our leadership in philanthropy and sustainability.

By combining tradition with innovation, wisdom with practice, the Govardhan School of Sustainability (GSOS) has the purpose of being a global center for collaborative research and holistic education in sustainability.

The goal of GSOS is to broaden students worldview and encourage new ways of thinking and being, as well as to equip them with the necessary skills to become agents of transformative change in the world. This is achieved through the development and delivery of Theories of Sustainability, promotion of Solutions Towards Sustainability, empowerment of Culture of Sustainability and the pursuit of Inner Sustainability in a community environment imbued with earth-honoring values and conscious living.

Theory of Sustainability

By exploring different theories of sustainability, GSOS aims at bringing an in-depth understanding of the various applications of the concept of sustainability across different schools of thought. Emphasis is given to bodies of theories that enable critical thinking and that at the same time have potential for informing and triggering transformative action.

Solutions towards Sustainability

With the goal of sharing the many already existing solutions to sustainability challenges, GSOS offers a broad set of practical sessions and workshops on various topics. Students will be exposed to innovative technologies, bold fusions of traditional with modern techniques as well as simple examples for how to build a more sustainable life.

Culture Of Sustainability

Sustainability in its holistic sense is when the principles of sustainability are not limited just to ecological systems but to human systems in the form of culture. India offers a treasure of earth-honoring practices that infuses the culture of sustainability into all walks of our life. Explore these wonderful life tools to imbibe an enriching culture.

Inner Sustainability

At GSOS we believe that the mission of global sustainability can be truly achieved when we all develop a deep sense of inner sustainability. Change starts from within! Discover the sacred connection between the inner and outer worlds and how achieving harmony at an individual level can impact our collective sustainability.


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