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Is nature more powerful than God - Govinda das

From one day to the next, this virus had the power to close places of worship that may have never before closed doors in centuries. And because these venues were where people seek help for their life problems from God, atheists smugly mock, “God has betrayed His people by retreating, and so now they run to health care workers who are risking their own lives to protect the faithless and faithful”.

On the other hand, theists claim this chaos to be the wrath of God for undisciplined and sinful lives. They profess this to be a small sample of the harsher punishments yet to come lest human beings learn their lessons.

Similarly, the environmentalists profess the current situation to be a direct result of the karma of pollution fueled by greed and insensitivity towards the Environment. From economists to socialists, everyone has some opinion on the “why” of Corona. There are numerous conspiracy theories of geopolitical and chemical warfare doing the rounds on social media.

Additionally, the pharma industries fiercely compete with each other to claim the credit for a potential big breakthrough in finding the cure and vaccine for the virus. Ofcourse, along with the credit, will come the lucrative global cash flows.

Whatever the “why” may be, the “what” is that the entire world has come to an unrecognizable halt. For the first time in history, sports events and their related hysteria are at a complete standstill - no more adrenal rushes, just the silence of empty stadiums. Likewise, movie theaters, pubs, night clubs, race courses and other places of entertainment have come to an uncomfortable stillness.