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Little yogi in the modern City

Disruption, destruction, disintegration and ultimately getting dissolved is the nature of everything born in this world. Everything is degrading or changing. In short, we may say that change is the only unchangeable reality of this world.

Similarly, the recommended places for performing Yoga as instructed in the Yog sutras for the practicing yogis have undergone major changes and most of the places are not suitable for Yoga. The mountains where yogis are instructed to meditate have become a sporting ground. The forests where transcendentalists used to experience Brahman in silence, have become places of mafia and mountain sports activities. Many places of spiritual and educational importance which were meant for life transformation have become merely place of tourism.

If these are the conditions of the places where yoga was favorably practiced as recommended in Gita and yoga sutras, then one can imagine the degradation of the condition of cities and the struggles of residents of the these cities who have some inclination to practice yoga? Human restlessness is at its peak and the places favorable for meditation are scarcely available. The cities which never sleep used to be a simple statement to describe the liveliness of the residents, but now days it is the sad reality where people actually can’t sleep. So is it possible to practice yoga sutras in the midst of constant dazzle of modern cities?

Yes, Indeed, An expert teacher who has the inkling of the past, experience of the present and the vision of the future has the ability to train the students to practice the principles of yoga sutras in the any situation without compromising the end result

Even though there are countless limitations but one of the advantage of this modern age is the facility of interacting with great teachers and availability of huge source of knowledge which helps in adjusting one's Yoga practices and achieving steady progress on this path. Therefore, Sri Krishna recommends Arjuna to practice karma yoga instead of merely performing the yogic meditation. The modern lifestyle is very hectic but If someone is able to tweak one's daily schedule, it is possible to include time for little meditation, few minutes of pranayama, little time for gaining knowledge and finally the time for mantra meditation with devotional heart.

Taking small steps towards achieving the steady practice of Sadhana is one of the easy way. Following this way the practitioner starts experiencing success in every step towards achieving steady sadhana, and he becomes more hopeful and determined to make further advancement. Sometimes It is observed that the enthusiastic people get emotional and targets bigger goal in the first step itself without assessing their own capabilities. This emotional approach is sure to fail which gives rise to the feeling that they are not made for such practices. But advancing step by step and experiencing small success is one of the best way to eventually increase one's practice and achieve end result. Therefore, city dwellers may desire for greater results but advancing in smaller steps in the path of Yoga practice in the beginning is recommended so that there is feeling of achievement in every small step.

It is therefore important for the practicing Yogi to learn to adjust the Yog sutras as per the circumstances without compromising the principles to experience everything prescribed in the Gita and Yog sutras.

It is also recommended to take small steps towards following the Yama and Niyama by slowing down on learning aspects to regulate life. To experience the rise of little yogi inside, one can start by trying to avoid intoxication one's in a week and gradually increase the level of restrain. At times may try avoiding meat for few days so that they can feel the power of goodness. Or to further the experience, one can actively participate in mantra meditation and join Kirtanprograms. One can also try affection devoid of carnal pleasure on a regular basis. In this way, with constant practice and small detachment the yogi in the city can rise as high as the city skyscraper symbolically.