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World Environment day by Govinda das

Is it a day of celebration or mourning or is it a day to prepare to face the consequences of abusing Bhumi Devi (Mother Nature).

The environmental imbalance did not take place until we started manipulating Mother Nature's resources, creating so many things and products. The simple principle of maintaining environmentalpurity comes from modern lifestyle alone and nothing else. It is not the products which have caused environmental hazard but the consciousness of consuming more than required that has lead to pollution within and its manifestation without.

One of the simplest and profound concept spoken in the dharmik scriptures for being sensitive to environment is to see God in everything so that we respect environment and stop abusing it.

Earlier, religious rituals were very environment friendly because all ingredients were made from nature and would become part of nature, organically integrating. Rituals were important but the awareness of environment was in the forefront.

Unfortunately now most religious festivals are deeply unfriendly to environment. If one googles the wastage created during Christmas, New year, and other such festivals, one will find how much Mother Nature gets trampled in one single day.

When the Indian cricket team won the World Cup in 2011, a large number of liquor bottles, plastic flags and hazardous crackers were used. Therefore one should consciously avoid celebrating festivals with plastic and other such polluting substances. The Hindu ethics mention that our joys should not be the cause of suffering to others. Our Ganesh festivals, Durga festivals and Deepavali should certainly be celebrated with great joy and happiness but with the consciousness of celebrating with natural and organic ingredients.

Therefore the Rishis in the bygone days were conscious of even moving humans from one place to another so that minimum damage is caused to nature.

For instance, in the Mahabharata, the great Rishis had advised the Pandavas to keep moving from one forest to another as spending longer time in one particular forest would cause environmentaldamage. Similarly when Bharata came to Chitrakuta forest with a large army, the sages told Sri Rama to move out of the forest and travel because the forest would get damaged from the carbon footprints of army, elephants and horses. The sages too decided to move out of that place so that Mother Nature could revive herself. In reality, if we do not respect and treat Mother Nature with sensitivity, she will force us to do so by creating natural disasters and will eventually rebuild herself.

Therefore environment day is not a celebration to further ruin Mother nature in the name of saving environment, but it's a warning and clarion call by her that if we don't take care then our destruction is inevitable with jet speed.