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Yoga of Love - H.G.Govind das

In our life we observe that all our interactions are based upon certain layers of realities. Though All interactions are real but Some are external and superficial and some are very deep and rare.Therefore, those which are in abundance are called as natural and practical and those which are rare are called as poetic, idealistic, far fetched ideas which can be rarely be experienced in real life.

One real layer of interaction is the interaction of punishment and reward, which is found in abundance in our normal course of interaction. The punishing interactions are sometimes referred as hellish experience and when the interaction is related to reward, it is referred as heavenly experience. The history of mankind reveals that the Religion is successfully used to control the population based upon the principle of fear of God and hell for a long time. Even today some civilizations still control their population by the power of punishment. The principle of reward is promised in the form of heaven but experience of real heaven is difficult to fathom for most of the people in their present situation, whereas hell is experienced by them almost every day. Those who are powerful, throw some tiny rewards to the underprivileged for keeping them grateful and remain subservient to them as their master. The history of organized religion is filled with the examples of such phenomenon.

The next layer of interactions with the world and God is based upon the principle of duty and love. Being dutiful for long time is not easy without the promise of rewards or the fear of punishment. In the Modern days we observe that whenever the population is kept under constant fear for long time, it has resulted in the reckless rebellion for the freedom from oppression. And the allurement of reward is not enticing for an educated person. The heavenly rewards are rejected by the logical and self-made people. Therefore, when we see someone is worshiping God and has a good relation with friends and family, then it is only because of their dutifulness. Such dutiful people can be compared to the movement of the sun and the moon, always rise on time and setting on time. For such people being dutiful itself is the greatest reward, beyond that they do not aspire anything else. If something comes to them on its own accord, it’s a bonus. Their philosophy is “I act because I need to act.” Some sincere spiritual practitioners grow because they are duty bound.

The fourth and deepest layer of interaction is based on the principle of love or prema. In this world we observe that all relationships are based upon the realities based only on transaction. There is no love, its all co-operative transactions, beyond exploitation, dedication and competition. But only with God there can be deeper relationship based upon love. This interaction is beyond fear, reward and duty.

Sri Krishna is called as God of prema. He taught the world the act of Love through the villagers of Vraja. They were willing to do anything and everything for Sri Krishna. This is the most evolved concept of God realization. Similarly, Sri Krishna interacted with every living entity in Vrindavana, including the deer, peacock and cows. Such loving interactions are called as Bhakit yoga, sharanagati or Prema bhakti. Therefore, when one relates with God, having no other motivation, other than love and without any interruption, such relationship is very relish able, because there is no expectation, other than love.

Such loving descriptions are scattered in all the vedic literature especially in Bhagavatam and Ramayana. When our senses, mind, intelligence and ego are engaged in doing what they are supposed to be doing with heart filled with love for God, then one becomes a perfect Yogi.