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Welcome to Govardhan Ecovillage

Cloaked with blue mists and nestled at the foothills of the Sahyadris, at just a 2-hour drive from Mumbai, lies the Govardhan Ecovillage. The gorgeous Yoga and Ayurveda retreat, promises tranquillity and change of pace from the hurried life of the city. This 85-acre lush haven also serves as a sustainable farming community, inviting you to experience a wiser, ancient way of life.




Meditation and Mindfulness

Research shows meditation stimulates compassion, kindness, generosity and forgiveness leading to a state that is outward expression of our inner joy

Introduction to Vedic cooking

The Bhagavad-Gita divides foods into 3 classes: those of quality of goodness, those of quality of passion, and those of the quality of ignorance

Much Needed Digital Detox

This program refrains the use of all electronic devices with an opportunity to reduce stress to focus on social interaction in the physical world

The Vrindavan Experience

Ten acres of Vrindavan forests, Govardhan parbat, 500 feet long Yamuna with ghats and an under-construction Sri Madan Mohan temple, rising to 30 metres height

Environmental Sustainability

Experience our water conservation project showcasing restoration of dried lakes, community ponds, rainwater harvesting and biodiversity park

Organic Indigenous Farming

Listed as India’s Top 100 agricultural innovators, witness chemical free farming, vedic rainfall prediction and learn lunar plantation techniques


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Getting There


Learn the secrets of Ashtang and Hatha Yoga from highly trained masters.


As you drive away from the city, a mere 108 kms from Mumbai, lies a world..


Govardhan Ecovillage is well connected by road from Mumbai, India’s financial capital.

The Vedic perspective teaches us that solutions to climate change lie in the understanding that we are entrusted the sacred care of Mother Earth and through this care we become the followers of true Dharma

– Radhanath Swami, Founder Govardhan Ecovillage