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We continue to follow the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, and in keeping with Government guidelines, to mitigate the risks associated with the coronavirus.
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Our Story

Our story is one of a true example of one person's visions formed by thousands hands together!
It is a journey of a century in service to the society, Mother Earth and our Lord.

Expanded over 100 acres of area, Govardhan Ecovillage is a project of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.The project is owned and managed by ISKCON Wada.

Situated in the beautiful mountain ranges of Sahyadri, Govardhan Eco Village is on a mission to spread the message of Krishna and bring his wisdom to the people. The eco- village is a testament to the powers of Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation to bring about transformative change. We are led by the principles of humility and sustainability and our mission is to serve and propagate the benefits of India’s age old traditions to the whole world.

It is the result of an ardent desire of Radhanatha Swami to fulfill the dream of his beloved guru, His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada - "To erect for the members and society at large, a holy place of transcendental pastimes, dedicated to the personality of Krishna."

"Eco-friendly," Radhanatha Swami explained, meant: Living in harmony with nature and according to the way Krishna wants us to live on a material level and spiritual level.

Living with respect for Mother Earth, Bhumi-devi, who is the consort of Lord Varahadeva, Lakshmi herself and honoring her and living in ways that replenish her resources rather than exploit her resources, and then utilize whatever resources she gives us, by her grace, for the service of Lord Vishnu.

Govardhan Ecovillage is not an overnight establishment, but shape formed over a century of toil, hardship and the constant passion of many. Govardhan Ecovillage is a place that houses several eco-friendly initiatives. Govardhan Ecovillage is implementing several rural development initiatives in many villages nearby with the help of Sri Chaitanya Seva Trust.


The Vision

Srila Prabhupäda envisions for New Vrindavan in India in the form of Govardhan Ecovillage in Mumbai.


Shaping to life

Pioneer residents join hands and herd together to form Govardhan Ecovillage with first steps towards organic farming.


Spiritual soul

Govardhan Ecovillage began its focus on the development of a spiritual retreat centre.


The seed is sown

Rädhänätha Swämi instructs young boys to develop Govardhan Ecovillage further.


The larger picture

The batch of fifteen young monks shift to Govardhan Ecovillage for full-scale development of various facilities.


First Temple

Sri Sri Rädhä Vrindaban Behari, a beautiful stone temple was inaugurated at Govardhan Ecovillage.


Second Temple

A white marble deity of Lord Sri Gauränga was installed next to Sri Sri Rädhä Vrindaban Behari.


The Global Recognition

The United Nations awards Govardhan Ecovillage for sustainable development and World Tourism.


Another temple

The 100 feet high monument, Madana-mohana temple was inaugurated after years of research and execution.

Rejuvenate yourself at Govardhan Ecovillage

The onset of COVID-19 unified the world in fighting against a common enemy. It also forced many of us to suspend our travel plans and take this time to stay indoors. However, our sedentary lifestyles can have an adverse effect on our health and immunity.

Now is the time to focus on our health and keep immunity at its peak, Ayurveda and Yoga are the path towards better overall health and now is an opportune time to learn it.

If you’re also looking out for ways to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul, visit Govardhan Eco Village, our wellness retreat center in India that focuses on Holistic health and has a range of long term stay options to help you achieve the pink of health. The centre uses century-old Ayurveda practices to help you attain a healthy lifestyle at one with nature.

Our Yoga gurus at Govardhan School of Yoga help you imbibe the discipline required to practice yoga, recharge your mind, and elevate your thought process. We dive into the concept and teachings of the Bhagavad Gita and guide you wholeheartedly on the journey of self- transformation.

Accommodations at Govardhan Eco-friendly village provide you mesmerizing experience of nature without compromising on the modern lifestyle comforts. Even after you leave our premises, our learnings stick with you, reminding you of how to survive in perfect harmony with nature despite your bustling and busy schedule.