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Empowerment of Farmers

Stabilising tribal farmers through climate resilient, economically viable and sustainable agriculture

Empowerment of Farmers Programme equips farmers appropriately and adequately for converting their challenges into opportunities, without compromising the ecology of the space, where a blend of traditional and modern practices in horticulture, floriculture and rice production are followed.

Economic conditions of the farmers are a really poor due to various reasons. Agriculture being the major occupation of almost all the rural areas, the issue is humongous and needs immediate attention. Problems such as scarcity of water for irrigation in non-monsoon months, and lack of knowledge in appropriate farming techniques add to their woes. Documented in recent history are cases of farmer suicide in nearby due to inability to repay loans taken on account of good agricultural produce throughout the year.

Our efforts focus on making a paradigm shift in the perception towards farming and the people involved in this occupation.


Selection of Flowers & Fruits like jasmine, papaya, and mango that command good prices round the year.

Empowerment of Farmers


Farm layout design is based on research on various categories of land and customized to local conditions.


The organic methods harness the symbiotic relationship between various crops as well as natural systems of soil nutrition, seed and water conservation.


Route to market (nearby urban / semi urban places) strategy is designed by farmers along with the NGO. However, after initial support for a year, the farmer groups will take it over.

Our Progress


Farmers adopted


Farmers trained


Horti-Floriculture planting

2000 Census -- 10.67 crore Landless agriculture labours

2011 Census -- 14.4 crore landless agriculture labours


Our initiatives under this program aim to make a paradigm shift in the perception towards farming by providing them the required support in terms of both knowledge and financial aids.

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