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Educate The Youth, Educate The Nation!

At Govardhan Eco Village, we are using innovative and non-traditional ways of imparting education to make our youth more informed and employable.

If you wish to change the future, you need to work on the youth who will become the truth of tomorrow. It is this belief that inspired us to initiate education programs in the rural areas of the Palghar district. There is a huge need for interactive and innovative ways to impart knowledge in order for the youth to explore their full potential.

We therefore, constantly strive to transform the traditional methods of sharing knowledge which can be leveraged to make the youths more skilled and employable not just in our focus area but all around the world.

Experiential learning methods to make a stronger impact

Programs designed to impart knowledge in innovative and interactive ways

Donate for child education

Holistic approach to education that nurtures a lifestyle instead of just providing a means of living

Our Progress


Students 107 schools 266 sessions


science fairs, (5575 students , 205 teachers benefited)


Students benefited from 10 Science workshops


Students from 26 schools participated
in Science talent search exam


Students for 10 days
Residential Mathematics camp at GEV


Students benefited from
17 sessions for 4 schools --- Value Education


Students from 12 schools visited
GEV for Environmental studies


Yoga session for Blind and
Mentally challenged school,Zadpoli


Cultural programs in School
for Blinds programs conducted


Students in 46 high schools
for Gita Pradnya Shodh


Children (from 8 centers) benefitted
through Value Education for kids


Youth camps conducted for 30 kids from nearby community,


Students benefited from Coaching classes - Crash course for 12th standard students


Students benefited through 30 sessions on lifestyle management courses


Students 2 NSS Camps

1 Lakh Children in Maharashtra Lack Basic Reading, Writing & Math Skills

Formal education is unavailable, inaccessible and unaffordable for children in the rural community of our focus area. As a result of this, children and youth are unable to compete with the increasing demands of formal education in mainstream employment structure.


Through our various efforts and initiatives, we are able to impact the lives of the youth in Wada, Palghar district. Our approach to these initiatives are a combination of education and entertainment to make them enjoyable while providing valuable skills and knowledge to make the youths of this geography more informed and employable.

Child-centred education
We work closely with families and communities to spread education awareness in rural areas so that rural education can reach its full potential and every child gets access to proper education.

Holistic learning approach
We understand that each child is different. Therefore, at Govardhan Eco Village, we are committed to following a holistic approach to learning that addresses the individual needs and situations of a student and allows them to be proficient in their capabilities. Through our solutions and programmes aiming at addressing the education and rural development issue, we hope to do the following.

  • Encourage the rural child to participate in lifelong education and build a career for themselves
  • Promoting education that focuses on enhancing the unique skills and capabilities of the individual
  • Offering flexible tutoring programmes and other support to cater to the individual learning needs of the students
  • Facilitating inclusive learning environments for everyone
  • Help students participate in extra-curricular studies, activities to develop employability or entrepreneurship and life skills

Join our cause by donating

The rural-urban divide permeates through several areas in the country including education and learning as well. There’s a wide gap in the education provided in urban cities as compared to the rural areas, whether you look at the education facilities, infrastructure, teaching methodology, modern concept learning, individual skill development, etc.

Then there’s the income level of most people in rural India which goes into basic survival and maintenance of the family making even basic education unaffordable for them. What makes the matter worse is the lack of enough government schools in rural areas leading to a vast majority of children going without even the most basic education.

At GEV, we want to work for the upliftment of the education sector in rural India and help students, especially from low-income families to reach their full potential. Together, we can amplify our efforts and take our goals to a new level.

We are building a team of like-minded individuals, leaders, civil rights groups, families, and people like you who can join our cause and participate to develop a better nation for our youth. Every education donation you make to our cause will be used frugally and judiciously to further the mission of full basic literacy in India.

The amount you donate for child education in India will offer the possibility of a better livelihood for the children and will help us tackle poverty, crime and child labour in the rural belts of India.


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