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Women Empowerment

Participation and inclusion of women in the system, since 2016, to empower them and emerge as confident individuals

Our women's empowerment programme encourages women to emerge as confident individuals and conquer the challenge of contributing financially to the family and self-help groups, while managing the household. Capture strength of women in rural environment and empowering them with an inclusive participatory approach is the essence of our programme.

Women if not empowered are detrimental to holistic development of a community and society. This holds true especially in rural settings.

Thus Govardhan Rural Development Programme captures the essence of empowered women and is implementing Women's Empowerment program with an inclusive and participatory approach.

Empowering women members of the rural India through employment

Women Empowerment

Creating an ecosystem of self help groups for sustained growth and development

Improving their soci-economic status by educating and make male population aware of their potential and capabilities

Our Progress




Empowered Women


Family members impacted

The sex ratio in the 0-6 years age group dropped from 927 in 2001 to 914 in 2011, which indicated that society still does not welcome birth of a girl child and the preference rests with sons. Nearly 50 percent women get married before they attain 18 years of age, and 57.9 percent pregnant women and 56.2 percent married women suffer from anaemia. Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) is still quite high, 178 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births (in 2012). Thus, there is room for much more to be done to ameliorate the plight of women at the grass root level.


Involving women in the planning and development stage of a development program as well as at the decision making level has made a difference to their presence. This is evident with documented case studies where women are creating success stories with increased self-confidence, self-esteem and dignity. Increased shareholding in family income and assets are a proof of the same.

Women from rural project areas are being educated about the power that lies in their hands, they are organized in self-help groups, encouraged to take the microcredit programs and small enterprises for income generation. More than 180 groups of women have been formed with a membership base of 1900+ women benefiting nearly 10,000 people.

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