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We continue to follow the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, and in keeping with Government guidelines, to mitigate the risks associated with the coronavirus.
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Govardhan School of Yoga

At Govardhan School of Yoga, we help you explore the 5000-year old wisdom of Indian tradition and ancient scriptures to lead a life of spiritual harmony and physical well-being.

Through the pristine teachings of Yoga, we facilitate the process of reversing the ordinary outward flow of energy by transforming your body, mind and soul. Our systematic courses and qualified trainers delve deep into this ancient traditional science to embark upon a journey of inner awakening and transformation based on the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. The aim at Govardhan Eco Village is to rekindle the dormant spirit of love and service, transcending the limits of nationality, race, culture, gender and even species. Our natural and satvik way of lifestyle is designed to ensure the well-being of not just the human community but also the ecological community of the plants. animals. rivers. land and other natural elements.


Our 200 Hours YTTC is based on scriptural references and methods as mentioned in Ancient Hatha Yog and Patanjali Yog Sutra texts. Our holistic approach of these scriptures ensures that yoga is seen not just on the mat but also off the mat!


Our 500 Hours YTT program is based on scriptural references and methods as mentioned in Ancient Hatha Yog and Patanjali Yog Sutra texts. Our holistic approach of these scriptures ensures that yoga is seen not just on the mat but also off the mat!


Leave behind the rattle and battle of city life to connect with your inner self. Let our Yoga Retreats at Govardhan Eco Village help you find your way back inwards by living in the heart of nature.

Spending almost a month of my life at Govardhan School of Yoga in Govardhan Ecovillage learning yoga was one of the best phases of my life. I got to know about them through their website and their association with Iskcon was one of the key factors of me enrolling into the Yoga Teacher's Training Certification course. Though a naive to Yoga, I didn't feel like such after starting with the course here. Such was my comfort level with the yoga teachers there. All the sessions in the course were quite good and I gelled very well with all the other participants making the time spent well worth. Everything right from the food, facilities and ambience were very well organized and gave an impression of a professional set up amidst the nature's tranquility. A must place to visit if you love yoga and intend to learn and teach it in your lifetime.

- Ami Majithia

The first acquaintance that I had with Govardhan School of Yoga was through its website that led me to opt for the 28 days YTTC program at Govardhan Ecovillage. The experience that I had in the YTTC program was simply awesome. What I liked the most was the way in which the entire course was structured covering all aspects of yoga in the classical way, with strong foundations and giving you everything you need: food, knowledge, spirituality, concepts, delightful experiences and more. The environment in Govardhan School of Yoga, it's surroundings, all yoga teachers and the mood of the people in general will give you a truthful version of the lifestyle there amidst the sanctity of yoga. All this will make you feel confident to travel back home and take up yoga teaching. The time you spent at the yoga school here will help you leave with enthusiasm and to keep on learning even more about this practice. Set aside the plan of teaching, even the techniques and practices you learn will help you improve in your daily life. I have been fortunate enough to be blessed by the purity of this place and would definitely look forward to visit here again.

- Adriana Plaza

My experience of Yoga Teacher's Training Certification course at Govardhan School of Yoga was nothing short of amazing. A great learning experience with wonderful and easily approachable yoga teachers, one of the best places - Govardhan Ecovillage; nestled amidst nature's serenity; to learn yoga, and the best facilities that led into an amazing experience of 28 days of learning YTTC. Govardhan School of Yoga was referred by one of my friends who had been here before. Today, I feel extremely happy that I did listen to my friend and got enrolled myself in to this life changing course. Everything about the course was great, especially the Asana and the Pranayama sessions, so were the technical classes. The yoga teachers had a very good knowledge about everything in general and were the perfect fit in the set up. Govardhan Ecovillage is now definitely on my travel list for the coming year.

- Surabhi Rathod

If I have to say what were some of the best days in my life, it would be the 28 days that I spent at Govardhan Ecovillage recently learning Yoga Teacher's Training Certification course at Govardhan School of Yoga. The place itself is wonderful, and I really enjoyed the company of many other special souls. Our teachers were so patient, easily approachable, dedicated, humorous and knowledgeable. Our teachers were so patient, easily approachable, dedicated, humorous and knowledgeable. I chose to do the course just to connect with myself and learn more yoga. Though, I dreaded the fact that I would have to practice teaching as well, which I could not see myself doing at all. But the way the teachers led us through the process was so powerful that I was able to find that spark of confidence within myself that I was looking for. It was truly life changing, and I am grateful for every part of it. I would definitely love to visit Govardhan Ecovillage again to experience this pure ecstasy.

- Narayani Pokhrel


Our team of expert practitioners are fully equipped with the knowledge of the ancient traditional wisdom of Yoga, clubbed with its modern day scientific approach. This holistic approach ensures that you receive the complete advantage of being guided by facilitators who can strike the perfect balance between the ancient traditions and the demands of modern lifestyle. Whether your aim is to become a practitioner or a professional yoga trainer, our teachers will walk you throughout the course journey.

The Stay

Accommodation at Govardhan Ecovillage is equipped to provide you with the mesmerising experience of living in nature without compromising the basic comforts of modern life. The stay here is characterised by healthy living amidst a serene natural environment to heighten your journey to explore inner peace. Eco-living being the cornerstone of all our programs, your time here will also educate you on how to exist in perfect harmony with nature even in your city life.