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Note : Due to construction GEV will be closed in the month of April 2020

Yoga Teacher Training course 1st to 24th May 2020 Know more
Kids Yoga Teacher Training course 24th May to 2nd June 2020 Know more
Gita & Yoga sutra course 2nd to 12th June 2020 Know more
Women's wellness workshop 3rd to 7th June 2020 Know more
Yoga Anubhav course 12th to 18th June 2020 Know more
Yoga Anubhav course 19th to 25th June 2020 Know more
Yoga Anubhav course 26th June to 2nd July 2020 Know more
Yoga Teacher Training course 4th to 31st July 2020 Know more
Gita & Yoga sutra course 1st - 11th August 2020 Know more
Bhakti Yoga Festival 12th - 13th August 2020 Know more
Kids yoga teacher training course 14th - 23rd August 2020 Know more
Yoga teacher Training course 2nd - 29th September 2020 Know more
Gita & Yoga sutra course 30th September - 10th October 2020 Know more
Women's wellness workshop 1st October 2020 - 5th October Know more
Yoga nidra course 11th - 15th October 2020 Know more
Mountain Yatra To Nasik City 15th - 19th October 2020 Know more
Bhakti yoga course 20th October - 1st November 2020 Know more
Yoga teacher training course 3rd - 30th November 2020 Know more
Yoga teacher training course 3rd to 30th December 2020 Know more
Women's wellness workshop 24th to 28th December 2020 Know more
For registration and more details of each course please contact/whatsapp 9769436934/ 9324273957

Upcoming Yoga Instructor Courses in 2020: Your questions answered

What is the best yoga instructor course?

Yoga is a wonderful gift to the world. It is the practice of finding balance inside and outside that unites humanity in peace and serenity. If you want to become a yoga instructor, then Govardhan Ecovillage is the place for you, where we provide a 28-day scientifically designed and certified yoga course in India.

This lifestyle enhancement course offers expert information on how to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life both on and off the mat; engaging the students with top teacher insights and in-depth understanding of asanas, breathing, meditation, nutrition, health, and also Yoga sutras & Gita. Want to become a part of our yoga teacher training in India 2020? Reach out to us with your queries.

How do I start off on my Yoga journey?

If you want to become a Yogi, the first step is to have control over your inhales and exhales. Give significance to your breathing and be mindful of your breath. As you practice yoga asanas, meditate, or go about your everyday tasks, understand the significance of breathing. If you are looking for yoga training retreats 2020, wellness workshops for women, corporate wellness workshops, or health and wellness workshops in India, then Govardhan Ecovillage has one of the best Yoga retreats in the country.

Our Yoga Retreats are designed and equipped to help you break free from the hectic city life and indulge in the serene natural environment while you work on your physical and mental fitness through yoga.

Why Choose Govardhan Ecovillage?

At Govardhan Eco Village, we understand what it takes to build an ecosystem that fully embraces the art of holistic living. Our yoga retreat, yoga training courses, Gita, and Yoga sutra courses are designed to give you the optimum amount of yoga knowledge and practice needed to achieve inner peace and improved lifestyle standards.

We provide one of the best yoga courses in Mumbai, where through a residential program, we help you experience positivity and transformation in the spiritually surcharged environment and understand deeper scientific aspects of Yogic practices.

The Stay

Accommodation at Govardhan Ecovillage is equipped to provide you with the mesmerising experience of living in nature without compromising the basic comforts of modern life. The stay here is characterised by healthy living amidst a serene natural environment to heighten your journey to explore inner peace. Eco-living being the cornerstone of all our programs, your time here will also educate you on how to exist in perfect harmony with nature even in your city life.