In the wake of coronavirus outbreak, Maharashtra government has invoked the Epidemic Diseases Act of 1897 to tackle the virus threat. In accordance with the government notification, Govardhan Ecovillage will remain shut till 03rd May, 2020. All seminars, conferences and workshops have been postponed/cancelled until further notice.


Nestled in the beautiful mountain ranges of Sahyadris, in the amazing landscape of Govardhan Ecovillage, Govardhan Ayurveda incorporates a holistic way of treating every individual based on prakruti analysis. Govardhan Ayurveda focuses on treating the root cause of the ailment, i.e. the doshas, and bringing a perfect harmony between the mind, body and soul. The Ayurveda Packages here are divided into 4 categories keeping in mind the necessity of the individual in terms of the diseases he/she is suffering from. With the best medical team on board rooting from the traditional Kerala Ayurvedic Therapies, Govardhan Ayurveda is set to add a new element to the way Ayurveda transforms the individual as a whole.

Govardhan Ayurveda employs the 5000-year old authentic ayurvedic practices to find the perfect balance between body, mind and soul with the five elements - space, wind, fire, water and earth - that forms our universe.

Our proactive approach promotes living a healthy lifestyle rooted in nature over the reactive method of fighting a disease. If your mind, body, and soul are in harmony with the universe, you have good health. However, an imbalance in this natural setup leads to a human body to succumb to a disease. Our ayurvedic treatments are geared to resolve specific health problems - genetic or birth defects, injuries, climate and seasonal change, age, and your emotions - and restore the balance.

At Govardhan Ayurveda, we provide honest, authentic, and traditional Ayurvedic healthcare for various lifestyle and chronic health problems all through customized treatments, customized diet, high quality medicines, patient education, and transformative lifestyle changes to effect positive and sustainable transformation of the body, mind & soul.


Ayurveda or the Science of Life is a holistic approach to healthcare that helps people live long, healthy and a well-balanced life.


Vata exemplifies the energy of movement and is thus often associated with wind. It’s linked to flexibility and creativity and governs all movement including the pulsation of heart, flow of breath, tissue movements, contractions of muscle and communication throughout the mind and the nervous system.


Pitta embodies the energy of transformation and is therefore closely aligned with the fire element. It’s closely related to intelligence, understanding, and the digestion of foods, emotions, thoughts, and experiences; it governs body temperature, nutrition and metabolism and the light of understanding.


Kapha offers structure, solidity and cohesiveness to all things, and is thus associated primarily with the earth and water elements. It also exemplifies the watery energies of compassion and love. This dosha hydrates all cells and systems moisturizes the skin, lubricates the joints, protects the tissues and maintains immunity.



In the context of Ayurveda, cure has a special meaning. Disease is defined as the imbalance in the metabolism of the body. In Ayurveda, the cure is never focused on removing the symptoms. Such an approach will be loop-sided and might cause side-effects or short-term benefits. The focus of Ayurvedic medicine is on regaining the overall metabolic balance of the body, on reining in the 3 doshas back in to a metabolic symphony.


There is so much talk about detox today. Let’s try to understand what exactly the detox therapy is and what it aims to do to our body. Ayurvedic Detoxification Therapy or Shodhana Chikitsa has multiple treatment procedures for different parts of the body. Panchkarma is the most renowned of all other detoxification treatments. The word “Panch” means five and “karma” stands for the procedure.


Rejuvenation is an old concept. Many ancient cultures have described various procedures to regain youth and virility. However, Ayurvedic concept of rejuvenation is more elaborate and proactive. You do not have to rejuvenate after the aging process gains pace or when you start to feel drained and lethargic. Rejuvenation should be a cyclic process in order to maintain the health in its best state.


The Ayurvedic treatments offered by Govardhan Ayurveda are designed closely under the strict guidelines of the traditional school of Ayurveda. Each treatment is individually planned as per the needs of the patient prescribed by our expert Ayurvedic doctors. Every cure includes a specific Ayurvedic diet corresponding with the patient’s constitution type to achieve the desired health outcomes.


Our wellness packages are sketched out closely focusing the ayurvedic protocols. They not only offer treatments to cure possible “disease” which is causing the imbalance in the metabolism of the body but also help you proactively detoxicate and rejuvenate in order to maintain the health in its best state.


Govardhan Ayurveda is now consulting at Gopal's Garden High School by our expert Vaidyas at Govardhan Ecovillage from Kerala

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Our expert team of ayurvedic doctors utilise the holistic techniques to help our patients to maintain a healthy life as well as eradicate impurities. Our ayurvedic practitioners assess your dietary habits, lifestyle choices and mental state to create a custom dietary plan and treatments to make transformative lifestyle changes.



Accomodation at Govardhan Ecovillage is equipped to provide you the mesmerising experience of living in nature without compromising the basic comforts of modern life. The stay here is characterised by healthy living amidst serene natural environment to heighten your journey to explore the inner peace. Eco-living being the cornerstone of all our programs, your time here will also educate you how to exist in perfect harmony with nature even in your city life.