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Ms. AshuKhanna (Ashu is the Founder President of the Mumbai Chapter of International Coach Federation (ICF).- Leadership Coach

Due to severe pain my father was not happy, not able to walk, frustrated and was not moving out of house. Somehow or other he agreed for a stay of 5 days at Govardhan Eco village in May 2018. Arriving at Govardhan Ecovillage he felt very fresh and connected to life again. There we came to know about Ayurvedic Centre and doctors available for treating the patient. With help of Lila Kirtan Prabhuji we showed him to Dr. Sreejith (Senior most doctor) and he started him with alternate massage therapy for 5 days. Dr. Sreejith suggested for month treatment for my father. Dr. Shreejit is very humble, approachable, knowledgeable in deep studies of Ayurveda, where patient can open their mind. He and his team were very cheerful, helpful and very friendly. They all treated my father with utmost care and love. We appreciate the strict diet followed according to Ayurveda which helped my father in recovery.

Dr. Krishna Priya Sonar

I came to Govardhan Ecovillage with the issue to the ovarian cyst and weight loss and other related issues. As I entered I was elated with the response I got from the staff. All of them are welcoming. Doctors have helped to understand my issue and made me realize that I have to assess the situation from the core and work towards it sincerely to overcome the problems from the root. I was served with care and was helped with required knowledge during my stay. My body was swollen due to thyroid and other hormonal issues, which was not there during my discharge.

Sarita Bhatia

From my personal experience, my time spent at the Govardhan Eco Village Ayurveda was life-changing. Just as an owner of a motor vehicle has to take his car in for service annually, similarly these yantras or human machines in the form of our body also need regular service. Detoxing the body and mind is vital to living a quality life. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life where email and our smartphones can reach us at every corner of the planet, it is rare to find a peaceful and tranquil place for an authentic ayurvedic experience. The Govardhan Eco Village is the perfect place for traditional Ayurveda filled with the attentive care and warmth of the doctors and the staff whom i will remain ever grateful for improving my overall health. Over the course of the last four weeks I feel like I have grown a lot as a person. With your help, I have been able to see aspects of myself that I needed to let go of in order to heal. I will be forever grateful for this. As a student of Ayurveda, I have always read so much about how it works, but being here has enabled me to experience real authentic practice. I appreciate most, the time you took to listen to me when I felt sad. I will always be so grateful for our charts and how you all did everything you can to help me. Your advice and words will stay with me forever and be part of my strength. I also want to say a thank you for believing in me. The past year has been difficult for me. I have been striving to share my passion of Ayurveda with the world as it holds so much truth for me. I truly believe that Ayurveda has power to transfer lives and now it is the time for it to flourish. With authentic doctors like yourselves leading the way. I can only hope that my little knowledge can support its growth along the way. You all believed in me when I did not believe in myself and I feel this is a great strength of a leader. To provide hope and positivity all of the time. I really look forward to seeing you again. I also hope to work with you in some way by arranging visits to the center for my clients. You have all inspired me to give the same to future clients of mine, providing hope and encouragement on their journey. I chose Govardhan Ayurveda because for me, I feel that healing is a spiritual journey. The location of the center in as ashram setting is ideal for healing, especially of the mind. The strong sense community here, I feel is also so important for healing. So, Thank you so much. I do not see you just as my doctors, but also my Guru and friends. Please let us stay in touch. I will write here details of the work I have been doing with Ayurveda so far, I was a bit busy shy to show you before because I feel you are my teachers new! When I returned I would love to do some videos/ interviews with you to help Govardhan Ayurveda grow. Oh, I also want to give a BIG thank you for showing me the vision of AstangaHradayam. When I was reading it, I thought a lot about Dr. Pisharodi. And so I would like to also give my thanks to him in this letter, to his soul. Good luck with all future developments here. You are all doing an amazing job and I feel honoured and grateful to have been able to spend 4 weeks here.

Naina - Owner of Naina Ayurveda - London

Hans H. Rhyner holds MD and PhD degrees in Alternative Medicine as well as an NHP in Ayurveda. He began his training in Ayurveda more than thirty years ago in India, and founded the Ayurveda Research Center to preserve the knowledge of traditional Ayurveda tradition. Thank you for asking my experience about the Ayurveda treatments at eco village of Govardhan in general, so I love to be here especially in monsoon because it reminds of some time I spend here earlier in India during the monsoon everything is green and lush and I am in and around surrounding of the huts here. Also everything is very green. And the treatments they have been very wonderful for me and my daughter. The Ayurvdic Staff is excellent and we also appreciated the light ayurvedic food. The result of the treatment have been very satisfying, my joint pain has come down my head neck pain came down my swelling of the leg has come down and of course some other element has to be worked on long term basis that I am aware of that. So in general we are very happy, also when last November we have stayed with a group and some of the group stayed for longer for panchakarma treatment, I also have interviewed on and they were also very happy with the treatment.

Hans H. Rhyner - MD and PhD degrees in Alternative Medicine