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Karnapooranam Treatment

Karnapooranam Ayurvedic Treatment

Karnapooranam is an Ayurvedic therapy procedure that is focused on treating any issues that affect your ears. The treatment takes a few minutes and uses medicated Ayurveda oils, which range from sesame oils to complex herbal blends. The medicated formula is inserted into your ears and it’s kept there for 10 minutes. The Karnapooranam Ayurveda procedure is used to get rid of earwax and other dirt particles. It’s also used to treat ear-related disorders.

The whole procedure is quite simple, and it will help you maintain your ear hygiene so that you can avoid any complications in the future.

Reduced hearing and consistent ear pain are some of the common indicators of ear complications. This is where Karnapooranam Ayurvedic Treatment comes in, the treatment process lubricates the ear canal and reaches to the narrow and small parts of the inner ear; The Karnapooranam Ayurvedic solution cleans out dirt and wax, provides pain relief and cures any ear infections.

The Karnapooranam Ayurveda treatment is essential to treat tinnitus, which is a Vata based condition. Tinnitus is becoming common with today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

What is involved in the Karnapooranam Ayurveda process?

Even though this procedure is quite simple, you have to seek consultation from a professional Ayurvedic consultant. They will examine your ear health and advise you on the specific herbal oil formulas that can be used. Once the herbal oils are decided, the therapist will ask you to lie on your back on a firm table. You will then undergo a massage to the head, neck, and ear. This will relax muscles and enhance circulation to the ears.

The massage will help the oils soak into the skin and enter the bloodstream. Once the therapist cleans your ears you are ready for pradhanakarma. This is where the ears are filled with warm medicated Ayurveda oil.

The oil is entered as drops until they fill the ear canal. The oil will stay in your ear for ten minutes, and then it’s drained by the therapist. This procedure is usually done in ten days or it can be more (depending on your doctor’s prescription). You will quickly notice an improvement in your ear health and hearing abilities.

Karnapooranam Ayurvedic Treatment benefits:

  • Cleans the ear canal
  • Enhances your hearing capabilities
  • Removes ear wax and dirt
  • Strengthens the ear bones
  • Provides relief from earache
  • Has a calming effect
  • Strengthens your nerves
  • Helps manage vertigo

Why should you choose Govardhan ecovillage for Karnapooranam?

  • Our Ayurvedic center comprises of professional and experienced staff, which makes us the best Ayurvedic treatment center for you
  • The Karnapooranam Ayurvedic Treatment offered at Govardhan Ecovillage is reliable, safe, holistic, and effective
  • Our natural treatments remove any possibility of disease recurrence or relapse
  • Patients can go back to their normal routine and live a healthy life with a sense of self-assurance

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