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Ksheeradhara Treatment

Ksheeradhara Ayurvedic Treatment

The Ksheeradhara treatment includes a constant flow of herbal milk over the head and body, instead of the regular oil concoction in other Ayurvedic treatments. It is quite similar to Shirodhara, but Ksheeradhara has a cooling effect on the body and is recommended during the summer months or in circumstances that require relaxing or cooling effects.

The herbal milk that is poured on your body acts as a moisturizer which helps relieve any stress, anxiety, and tension; It’s also used for skin and hair care. The Ksheeradhara treatment works like a charm because it enhances your skin’s glow, the simple yet effective process is suitable for patients who are suffering from Vata and Pitta dominance, migraines, stress, and insomnia.

How does Ksheeradhara treatment work?

The Ksheeradhara process duration is forty minutes and it’s conducted over seven to twenty-one days, the duration can be altered depending on the client’s mental and physical condition. The milk contains various herbal extracts and it’s included in two main Ksheeradhara treatments, Sarvangadhara and Shirodhara.

Sarvangadhara is done by covering the entire body, except the head, with milk. While Shirodhara treatment is only done to the head. The milk is heated to a lukewarm temperature and it’s taken in a dhara vessel. It’s then allowed to pour from the vessel onto the forehead. The milk is poured in a constant stream over the forehead, particularly the glabellar region. For Sarvangadhara, the herbal milk is poured in a constant stream all over the body.

The constant stream and pouring of herbal milk help stimulate and soothe the hypothalamus, which regulates the pituitary gland and induces sleep.

Ksheeradhara benefits:

  • Provides relief from fatigue
  • Helps boost memory
  • Relaxes the nervous system and helps with stress relief
  • Enhances your digestives process and prevents indigestion
  • Improves energy, mental clarity, physical strength, and vitality
  • Reduces migraine frequency
  • Restores dosha balance

This treatment is not recommended if you suffer from chronic sinusitis or a common cold.

Ksheeradhara treatment for stress-relief:

At Govardhan Ecovillage, we offer Ksheeradhara treatment therapy which is known for its incredibly cooling effects on the body. As mentioned before, the summer months are perfect for this treatment. It’s suggested for people who have hair and skin issues, as well as for people who suffer from stress.

At Govardhan Ecovillage, we offer many holistic Ayurvedic treatments that are conducted by professionals. The experts carry out the natural treatments by following authentic techniques which are mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic scriptures. The Ksheeradhara benefits are delivered by professionals in the purest form.

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