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Padabhyangam Ayurvedic Treatment

Padabhyangam is an Ayurvedic foot massage that is done with herbal oils. It works by stimulating certain points on your feet which leads to mental and physical relaxation. The Padabhyanga foot massage is a common forerunner to many essential Ayurvedic therapy treatments.

The Padabhyanga ayurvedic foot massage helps with healing the following health conditions:

  • Pain management: It works on relieving pains and relaxing muscles
  • Reducing stress: The massage stimulates energy points that cause mental relaxation
  • Detoxification: Stimulating energy points help increase blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  • Gastric problems: Padabhyangam is done along with other treatments to treat indigestion and gastric problems. It prepares and relaxes the body
  • Paralysis treatment: Padabhyanga foot massage relaxes muscles and ligaments in the lower limbs
  • Eldercare: With increasing age, many health issues can occur, and Padabhyangam helps reduce aches and pains.
  • Immunity: Padabhyangam Ayurvedic foot massage helps stimulate vital points in your feet that help increase toxin discharge from the body.
  • Mental health: Padabhyanga massage is known to activate certain parts of the brain that can cause mental relaxation and enhance mental health.

How does Padabhyangam help?

The Padabhyanga massage is a holistic healing therapy that is an essential part of traditional ayurvedic treatment. It’s also said that acupuncture, acupressure, and reflexology have originated from this ancient healing art. When you go for a Padabhyanga massage you can expect a herbal foot massage that will focus on important pressure points that will balance your doshas.

Padabhyanga benefits:

A Padabhyanga ayurvedic foot massage is known to immediately ease any stiffness, dryness, roughness, or numbness that is present in your leg and foot. The massage aims to alleviate any tiredness from your legs and make them strong.

Apart from the immediate Padabhyanga benefits to your legs, it also helps your body as a whole. The Ayurvedic massage maintains and enhances your eyesight, balances and controls vayu, prevents dryness and crack in your feet, improves blood circulation, cures sciatica, prevents muscle/ligament contraction, and so on.

The Padabhyanga foot massage aims to heal the vital body points, also known as marmas, which include soothing the nerves, relief from foot pain, preventing foot ailments, and helping with easy leg movement. The foot massage helps activate the immune system which leads to enhanced hearing, promotes a healthy sleep cycle, reduces anxiety and stress, balances doshas, helps with restless leg syndrome, cures migraines, and prevents the early onset of any kind of physical or mental degeneration.

It’s said that foot massages help release any energy blocks, and they help it flow freely in your body.

How does Padabhyangam work?

The Padabhyanga foot massage must be performed by an expert after the patient is examined, thoroughly. Once the patient is examined they will be provided with instant detoxification and purgation. The treatment is done with medicated oils, also known as tailam.

The lukewarm medicinal oil is generously applied to the feet, this includes heels, ankles, soles, joints, and legs. The oil is then massaged into the joints and tendons, the Ayurvedic massage is done with good care to ensure that the energy points are activated.

Some important points to note during a Padabhyanga ayurvedic foot massage are:

  • It can be done during any time of the day and daily
  • It’s quite effective when done in late evenings or just before bedtime
  • The Padabhyanga foot massage should be avoided if you have a fever, cold, blood or lymphatic infections, a toxin-induced coma, indigestion, foot trauma, any circulatory disorders that affect the lower limbs, and abnormal skin conditions.

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