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Thakradhara Treatment

Thakradhara Ayurvedic Treatment

Thakradhara is an Ayurvedic procedure that involves pouring medicated buttermilk over a patient’s forehead. This is done because buttermilk has cooling properties that help relax the body and mind. Thakradhara is useful for treating insomnia, hypertension, and psoriasis.

How is thakradhara done?

Once the patient’s body is prepped with oil, they are made to lie down on their back. Then, medicated buttermilk is poured over the patient’s head from a dhara vessel that is hung six to eight inches above their forehead. The buttermilk flows through a hole at the bottom of the vessel. A headband is tied on the patient’s forehead, above the eyebrows to prevent the buttermilk from getting into their eyes; it also helps direct the flow. This treatment is great for stress management, skin diseases, detoxification, and relaxation.

There are three main stages in the thakradhara process:

The pre-treatment procedures, which include:

  • Patient examination
  • Disease examination
  • Patient counselling
  • Material collection
  • Preparing medicine and the patient

The treatment procedure and Post-treatment procedure

Duration of the Thakradhara treatment:

The thakradhara process is done for 45 to 60 minutes, in one sitting. It depends on the nature and severity of your condition. The treatment is done over seven to fourteen days, as per your physician’s recommendation. During the treatment period, the medical professionals will keep checking your blood pressure and other vitals; this helps them decide whether to stretch your treatment or not. The treatment is mostly done in the morning, anywhere between 6 to 10 AM.

What are the types of Thakradhara treatment?

  • Takra Shiro Dhara- This treatment is done over the patient’s head and it treats migraines and hypertension
  • Takra Kaya Dhara- Also known as Sarvanga Takradhara, this treatment is done to the whole body to provide relief from fatigue and stress
  • Takra Ekanga Dhara- This is when dhara is done over a specific body part, for instance, a limb that is affected by psoriasis

Benefits of thakradhara treatment:

  • This treatment is a great cure for insomnia, psoriasis, and other diseases that are aggravated by Pitta
  • It helps reduce any burning sensation in your palms and soles
  • Cures premature gray hair
  • Enhances vision
  • Reduces stress

Why choose Govardhan Ecovillage for thakradhara?

  • Our staff includes professional masseurs and Ayurvedic consultants, which makes our services the best and most effective
  • The Thakradhara treatment is reliable, holistic, natural, and safe
  • Our treatment approach helps prevent the odds of any relapse or recurrence
  • Once patients receive Thakradhara they can go back to their normal routine with a renewed sense of self-assurance.

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