Govardhan School of Sustainability (GSOS) is an education initiative based in Govardhan Ecovillage, an eco-community located around 90 kms from Mumbai. With its 250 residents, Govardhan Ecovillage is striving to set up a role model village, nested in an ecological infrastructure amidst a picturesque landscape of the Sahyadri mountains.The ecovillage is composed of farms, animal shelter, yoga school, ayurveda center, community area and geo-tourism site, all nested in the setting of an ashram. Now GEV has broadened its outreach by being host for the GSOS, a learning center oriented towards studies of ecology and transformation of self and society.

The backbone of GSOS is to inspire transformative change towards sustainability. This is accomplished by bringing forth new modes of thinking, acting, living and being in the world. Students who come to GSOS are encouraged to engage not only in theories of sustainability, but also in hands-on activities, workshops, outdoor classes, cultural activities, art and spirituality.


Our Courses

Study Abroad Programs

7, 14 or 30 days dynamic programs based on experiential learning and activities that inspire transformative change

Academic Courses

Credited academic courses run with different partnering universities.

Cultural Immersions

21 days residential program aimed at giving a wide range of cultural and spiritual experiences.

Awards and Recognition

We have been recognized for our innovative & consistent sustainability efforts. These awards reflect the things our dedicated team does to make a difference in the communities around.


GSOS is led by an international team with diverse backgrounds, a global outlook and is setting partnerships with several international universities, promoting increased cultural and academic exchange.



Accomodation at Govardhan Ecovillage is equipped to provide you the mesmerising experience of living in nature without compromising the basic comforts of modern life. The stay here is characterised by healthy living amidst serene natural environment to heighten your journey to explore the inner peace. Eco-living being the cornerstone of all our programs, your time here will also educate you how to exist in perfect harmony with nature even in your city life.