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Our Yoga blog is the perfect guide to help get you started with your Yoga practice. Curated by expert Yoga practitioners, every blog is vetted for authenticity and offers only the best advice suitable for every stage of your Yoga journey.

Yoga Basics: All your questions answered

● What is Yoga and how it benefits you?
Yoga, as many believe, isn’t just a form of physical exercise. Rather, it’s a combination of different poses, techniques, and practices that brings a balance into your body and mind. It involves practicing yoga asanas and breathing exercises like pranayama.

● How to check which yoga style suits you?
There are multiple yoga forms and picking one that best suits you is dependent on different factors like – your age, your experience, fitness goals, temperament, etc. The above-listed yoga blogs are for beginners like you who are open to experimenting with different styles and identify which form is right for them.

● What are the benefits of doing yoga?
The right form of yoga can benefit you in different ways like:
➔ It helps you improve your body fitness [physically and mentally]
➔ It brings your mind and body at peace minimizing the stress levels
➔ Yoga gives you a better posture, flexibility, and improves your concentration

● Is there any specific time for doing yoga?
In general, there’s no particular time frame for practicing yoga. You can squeeze it in depending on your availability. That being said, experts believe that performing yoga asanas in the early morning helps you regain energy for the entire day while evening yoga can help you unwind after work.

● How often should Yoga be practiced?
In most cases, practicing yoga asanas once a week is fine. However, once you start feeling the difference, you can start performing the asanas for 10 – 20 minutes daily. Avoid setting up unrealistic expectations, keep the focus on your body health, and accordingly set up time limits for yourself.

● How are GEV yoga blogs different from what you read elsewhere?
Through our blogs you experience yoga from a different perspective. Some of the most common 2020 yoga blogs that we cover on GEV include:
➔ Yoga of Love
➔ The correlation between yoga and Bhagavad Gita
➔ Yoga of Marriage
and many more.