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25 Benefits for Doing Yoga in Your Life | Ecovillage

Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” which means to join and connect. It is a way of healthy and sound living that aims to connect you with your inner self and develop a balance between your mind, body and soul. If you are already practising yoga, you might be aware of its benefits. It is not just a simple exercise of holding your breath and bending your body; it is a way to bring you to a state where you can experience a real mind-body connection.

The main objective of yoga is self-realization, helping you overcome stress and anxiety by bringing harmony between your body and mind. Let’s check out the importance of yoga and how it helps discover the new “you”.

The Importance of Yoga in Our Daily Life
Apart from the mental and physical health benefits of yoga, are you aware of the other benefits that it provides? We have put together all the important benefits that contribute to your overall well-being and enhance your lifestyle.

1. Helps You Achieve Tranquility
During a yoga asana, you concentrate on your body and what it is doing. This intensely physical practice brings calmness to your mind. The breathing and meditation techniques that help you focus on your breath and free yourself from your thoughts are great in achieving tranquility, even when you are off the mat.

2. Reduces Your Stress
Yoga teaches you to be in the present moment, forgetting your past and stop worrying about the future. During the time you are practising yoga, you are concentrating on yourself putting away your troubles and worries and achieving a blank state of mind. This gives you a break from your tendency to overthink about situations and stress yourself out.

3. Increases Your Concentration

Performing yoga on a regular basis helps you achieve better concentration. Concentration will not be just a part of your yoga sessions; it will also have an influence on other aspects of your life. You will concentrate better on the problems at hand and try to resolve them with a calm mind and a positive approach.

4. Improves Your Posture and Balance
With regular yoga practice, you will learn how to control and balance your body. Yoga poses like standing on one leg (Vriksasana), improve balance and build the strength that you need to keep yourself upright at all times. It also builds a certain awareness of your body that helps you unconsciously develop the right posture.

5. Brings Flexibility
Moving and stretching yoga poses make your body flexible and increase the range of mobility of stiff muscles and joints. Your flexibility decreases when you sit for a longer duration, leading to pain and immobility. Yoga can help you improve flexibility and combat the ill effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

6. Improved Breathing
Have you ever paid attention to how you breathe? Yoga can help you focus on your breathing. Breathing exercises (pranayama) can teach you better breathing techniques which will have many physical and mental benefits. Certain breathing exercises calm your nervous system and even help people with allergies clear their nasal passages.

7. Builds Muscle Strength and Tone

Balancing yourself on one leg or on your arms and holding these poses for a specified time helps increase your muscle strength and tone. Yoga shapes muscles in your arms, legs, abdomen and back and increases your core strength.

8. Helps in Joint and Back Pain
In low impact yoga movements, you can use your joints without causing any injury to them. Yoga poses also strengthen the muscles around your joints. Regular yoga practice helps people with arthritis improve their mobility and hence, the pain. The increased flexibility and strength gained through yoga can prevent certain types of back pain.

9. Improves Blood Circulation
Yoga results in enhanced blood circulation. This improved blood flow ensures that oxygen and nutrients are carried effectively throughout your body, resulting in healthier organs and a well-functioning body.

10. Lowers Blood Pressure
Practicing yoga regularly improves blood circulation in your body. This enhanced blood circulation enables oxygenation in your body which in turn reduces your blood pressure as your body calms down during the process.

11. Improves Metabolism and Your Gastrointestinal Health
A balanced metabolism is important to have an ideal weight. Yoga improves your metabolism, thus helping you achieve your optimal weight. It also improves gastrointestinal functions and helps in getting rid of stomach-related problems.

12. Combats Depression
Practising yoga on a regular basis helps your repressed feelings to surface and releases the negative energy which in turn assists in fighting depression. By uniting your mind and body, yoga brings a positive feeling inside you, making you more present-minded and focused.

13. Increases Your Immunity
Yoga heals and enhances every cell of your body, helping your body become more immune. It lowers the impact of stress on your body while helping improve your lung capacity. It also stimulates the lymphatic system of your body to flush out any toxins. This helps your immune system work optimally.

14. Helps in Stimulation of Internal Organs
When you do yoga, your internal organs are massaged, which increases your resistance to diseases. After years of regular practice, once you are familiar with your body, you can develop an intuition for your own body.

15. Makes You Aware of Your Body
Regular yoga practice helps you become more aware of your whole body. It will help you become comfortable with your body over time. The body and mind synchronization that regular yoga practice tries to build help you understand each and every aspect of your body and what it needs to grow stronger.

16. Improves Your Sleep
As yoga relaxes your mind and helps reduce stress, it facilitates better sleep. It also improves your sleep patterns. Once you start a regular daily practice of Yoga and meditation you will see your circadian rhythm stabilize.

17. Brings Positivity in Life
When you perform yoga on a regular basis, there are many hormones in your nervous system that get stabilized and help you calm down. Yoga helps you connect with your inner self, which brings clarity and encourages you to focus on your life goals. You begin to look at your life with a renewed zeal and energy.

18. Brings Self-Acceptance and Self-Control
Yoga teaches you self-acceptance and self-control. The same way you control your body and movements in yoga, you can control all other aspects of your life. Yoga helps you feel more connected to every aspect of your life and brings more balance in your life.

19. Instils New Energy in You
You will feel energized after every yoga session. It rejuvenates your mind and body, instilling new energy in you. Every yoga session will fill your body with refreshing energy, uplifting your mood.

20. Boosts Your Self-Confidence
As yoga aims towards improving your mind-body connection, your self-esteem increases. It teaches you to accept yourself and your body without any judgment. This helps in increasing your self-confidence.

21. Helps in Anger Management
You can control your anger issues by performing yoga on a regular basis. The meditation and breathing exercises calm your nervous system, which decreases your anger and irritability. This results in reduced blood pressure and helps you lead a healthy and stress-free life.

22. Increases Core Strength
Your body becomes strong when your core is strong. Your core not only holds your body’s weight but also increases your resistance level to injuries and helps you heal better. Regular yoga practice makes your core strong, flexible and healthy.

23. Delays Premature Aging
Age gracefully with yoga! Yoga delays premature ageing by helping you detox and eliminates toxins. It also reduces stress and anxiety that is a major cause of premature ageing. It also reduces the chance of developing chronic conditions such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Respiratory diseases which affect your long term health.

24. Lowers Respiratory Rate
During yoga sessions, when you control your breath, it fills your lungs to the full capacity. This allows them to work efficiently, lowering your respiratory rate.

25. Decreases Pulse Rate
Yoga reduces the strain and helps your body to relax, which decreases your pulse rate. A lower pulse rate means that your heart is healthy and can pump more blood per beat. As yoga improves oxygenation in your body, it helps in lowering the heart rate which in turn results in better cardiovascular endurance.

How Often Should You Practice Yoga?
Whether you are just starting off your yoga practice or want to master the advanced poses, do as much as your body allows for. Scheduling 30-45 minutes every day for Yoga will help reap great rewards for you in the long term. You can start off by practicing Pranayama and breathing exercises and later move on to the complex and compound movements.

Fit Yoga Even in Your Busy Schedule!
There are many ways to include yoga in your hectic life. If you already have dedicated workout sessions, you can use a few of them for yoga. If you are a beginner, choose early morning or a weekend class to start with. You can also try an online yoga class to help structure your Yoga practice. Once you adjust to these classes, you can add more yoga sessions later on.

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