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Jnana Yoga in mantra meditation

Author: H.H.Sacinandan Swami

It is important when we do mantra Meditation to first notice when we are distracted and then overcome our distraction. We can do this if we take on the role of a neutral observer.

What does this mean? It means simply to step back, also from your thoughts, and observe yourself patiently. Observe what goes on in the mind without running with it. Observe what is going on around you without becoming distracted. Be a little bit like a neutral camera that does not react. I would like to make this really clear. If you practice this, you will come to a level where you will tell your mind “Yes, your thoughts are going on. Yes, you are distracted, but I’m not that thought. It is something that passes through the doorway of my mind, and it will go away after some time.”

Learning to be the neutral observer makes you more patient, and this is precisely what one needs to have—patience, not only enthusiasm. When you chant, you sit, in a way, in the waiting room of Krishna. Any moment the door can open and Krishna can come out as the best doctor who can cure all ailments. But while you are waiting, be patient. The test of your practice is tolerance, or patience. When you come to this place, everything shifts.

So, sometimes this element of jnana yoga, the neutral observer role, helps you to distance yourself and then let Krishna do His magic.